Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy Teacher-Counselor Program

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    VH&WA Course 101
    Foundational Principles of Natural Health
    Coursebook: Introducing Natural Hygiene - The Only True Natural Health System

    Author: Dr. T. C. Fry

    VH&WA Course 102
    Advanced Natural Health Principles & Their Application I

    Coursebook: Dr. T. C. Fry's Raw Energy Mini-Course
    Authors: Dr. T. C. Fry et al.

    VH&WA Course 103   
    Toxemia's Role in Disease Causation
    Coursebook: Toxemia Explained
    Author: John Tilden, M.D.

    VH&WA Course 104  
    Advanced Natural Health Principles & Their Application II

    Coursebook: Natural Hygiene: Man's Pristine Way of Life

    Author: Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

    VH&WA Course 105   
    Our Self-Healing Capabilities
    Coursebook: Self Healing Power!
    Authors: Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, Dr. T. C. Fry & Dr. David Klein

    VH&WA Course 106   
    The Natural Biological Diet of Humans
    Coursebook: The Vibrant Diet
    Authors: Dr. David Klein & Dr. T. C. Fry

    VH&WA Course 107   
    Digestive Health
    Coursebook: Digestion Perfection with the Vegan Healing Diet Plan
    Authors: Dr. T. C. Fry, Marti Fry, Dr. David Klein, Hannah Allen et al.

    VH&WA Course 108   
    Protocol for Overcoming Malnutrition & Healing the Gut
    Coursebook: Self Healing Colitis & Crohn's - The Complete Wholistic Guide to Healing the Gut & Staying Well 
    Author: Dr. David Klein

    VH&WA Course 109   
    Fasting & Eating for Healing & Optimizing Health
    Coursebook: Fasting & Eating for Mind-Body Purification
    Authors: Hannah Allen, Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, Dr. T. C. Fry, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, Dr. Robert Sniadach, Dr. David Klein et al.

    VH&WA Course 110   
    Teacher-Counselor Training & Business Enterprise Establishment
    Coursebook: Vibrant Health Teacher-Counselor Training Manual
    Author: Dr. David Klein


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